will take you
to an amazing
and incredible journey

Thanks to multiple diving experiences in many seas and oceans we can definitely say that diving in Nosy Be is the perfect summary of what the underwater world looks like.

Not only can we provide you with underwater activities, but we can show you also the extraordinary variety of the neighboring islands and surroundings.

The responsible snorkeling on the coral reef gives the possibility to know “the bottom” the sea and its inhabitants, even to those who have a “superficial” look.

In the wonderful sea in Nosy Be you can also enjoy humpback groups migrating from the Antarctic to the protected waters of the Mozambique canal.

The biggest fish in the world, the whale shark! Just few people, often with no reason, and only divers, are lucky enough to see it.

Discover the parallel world, where the impossible becomes possible and fantasy becomes reality. MAKE FREE YOUR EMOTIONS, DIVE THE MADAGASCAR!

MANTA DIVING is a diving and excursion center (land and sea) and was founded in Nosy Be in 1996.

In 2011 it was taken over by the current managers Emanuele Venanzi and Carlotta Barba; thanks to the help of their staff, they have completely renewed the whole Diving.

Emanuele and Carlotta are particularly interested in marine biology, development of scientific projects in the Nosy Be area, underwater photography and videomaking; they are well known for their professionalism and familiarity with this place, as well as for the service quality provided.

They promote eco-sustainable and zero-impact environment tourism. Here you will find all the best care and attention to enjoy your underwater holiday in Nosy Be, “The perfume island”, a pearl of the Indian Ocean between the Mozambique Channel and the mother island, Madagascar.


Since the beginning, Manta Diving has focused on divers’ needs and on what tourists might like most, their possible interests (macro, pelagic, whales or whale sharks etc.).

Only through dialogue and knowing tourists’ expectations can we really recommend the best time for you to come and we are ready to show you every single corner of this paradise and its wonders.

If you do not like diving with many people, and if you prefer quietness and enjoy your time relaxing, this is the place!

You can go diving with one of the diving responsibles; they all love diving for the sake of it and not because they have to.

The moment you feel you HAVE TO go diving, well, that’s the very moment to give it up.

We are here to share your emotions with you, what you feel underwater, to exchange photos, the videos of the day and to laugh together and have fun.

Besides sea diving, you can visit volcanic lakes, waterfalls, breathtaking spots and areas where the scent of vanilla and ylang ylang will inebriate your senses.

Vegetation in Nosy Be is unique, endemic and unrepeatable as well as the animals living here. According on how you want to live your adventure, we will be happy to be at your disposal to offer the perfect holiday.