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Upon your arrival we will take charge of your precious equipment. During your stay in Nosy Be we will take care of it, preparation, transport, washing. We leave to you only the pleasure of having as much fun as possible.

For peoples who do not want to carry-on all the diving equipment throughout the trip, the Diving Center has several sets of complete equipment for diving and snorkeling, beside you can check if our equipment can cover your needs.

Diving Center’s wetsuits are 3mm since during almost all the year last, the water rarely drops below 27°C, however some 5mm wetsuits for the coldest are in stock.

The cylinders are in short steel, mono valve DIN connection. Totally there are 70 cylinders split into: 2 x 7 Lt, 10 x 15 Lt and one x 18 Lt, all the others are 12 Lt.

All the Manta’s equipment is in perfect working order, the cylinders are opened and washed twice per season, the regulators, all bought new between in 2018, are personally overhauled once a year by Emanuele.

For your hygiene, antibacterial sprays are on board of the boats to disinfect the regulators.

The Manta’s masks are washed with hot water and degreaser once a week, however, we kindly ask you to wipe your hands and face from sunscreen before putting them on, so you will certainly see better during the dive.

The Jackets are also periodically checked and overhauled.

Save weight in your suitcase… at your disposal:

  • 30 frame less masks for diving.
  • 20 BCD.
  • 20 Octopus.
  • 20 long wetsuits 3mm for men.
  • 20 long wetsuits 3mm for woman.
  • 15 shorts for man, woman and child.
  • 25 boots.
  • 16 adjustable strap fins.
  • 45 snorkeling kits with multi number fins, mask and snorkel.
  • 35 slipper fins.
  • 10 SMB.
  • 10 computers Uwatec Aladin 2G.
  • 5 Compasses for underwater navigation.
  • 10 LED underwater torches.
  • 10 UV underwater torches.
  • 25 chemical light LEDs for night-time signalling.
  • 40 underwater belts.
  • 170 kg of ½ kg, 1kg and 2kg leads.