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The Manta prioritises the safety of its guests and staff both at sea and on land. All of the Diving’s local and European staff have attended first aid and sea rescue courses and all of the instructors have a professional DAN. In addition to the oxygen provided on each boat, the Diving Centre also has an additional supply of gas at the base in case of need.


Diving is definitely the sport that brings you in contact with nature, you are practically immersed in it, but practicing it in total safety is better!

Since 2015 the HYPERBARIC CAMERA IN NOSY BE is finally operational thanks to the support of Life For Madagascar, DAN Southern Africa, DAN Europe and all the Diving Centres in Nosy Be.

The Diving Centres in Nosy Be supported and completed a special course for hyperbaric technicians and assistants held by DAN doctors and the hyperbaric technician trainer appointed by the Padua Hyperbaric Centre.

The H.C. is intended for hyperbaric treatment in the event of a diving accident in Nosy Be and surrounding areas.

Manta Diving - Nosy Be - Dive Safe - Camera Iperbarica


Often at the end of a dive sometimes you can hear: I really would wish staying still in the water! Or: I had a great dive, but the deco never ended!

Manta Diving takes care of its divers at 360°, paying particular attention to safety in the water, which is why it prefers to dive in NITROX, a mixture of hyper-oxygenated gas, in other words air enriched with oxygen. The dives in Nosy Be are not so deep, many of them however are square dives and by diving every day during your stay, it is easy to go off the safety curve with all the negative aspects you know.

Using Nitrox we can have a number of ADVANTAGES that should not be ignored:

  • Longer dives and no deco; reduction of contracting DCS (Decompression Sickness);
  • less effects of Nitrogen narcosis and therefore greater clarity in the water;
  • faster physical recovery times so less tired at the end of the dives.

However, when using Nitrox recreationally, special care must be taken as not to exceed the depth limit given by the partial pressure of oxygen (PpO2) we breathe. However, with the proper care and settings of your dive computer, Nitrox allows you to dive to a maximum depth of 40m, which is the maximum depth allowed for recreational diving.

Now that you are informed, you decide how you want to dive.

Manta Diving - Nosy Be - Dive Safe - Nitrox


Diving trips are life and cultural experiences which give you emotions bordering on the improbable, but they often take placings in remote places, far from the hospital standards of the more developed countries. It is therefore advisable to “make sure” that you have taken the right precautions to fully enjoy the wonders that parallel worlds offer us.
In remote places, if there is a hyperbaric chamber, the availability of oxygen cannot be taken for granted and the cost of treatment can easily reach significant amounts.

But don’t worry, there are diving insurances that take care of you and your family members in the event of a diving or other accident.

These insurances also cover emergency medical treatment including hyperbaric therapy, hospitalization and medical cover for injuries resulting from non-dive activities.

We recommend insuring yourself with DAN (Divers Alert Network), the best dive insurance in the world.

For more information you can check and choose annual insurance plans by clicking on DAN EUROPE, or choose a Temporary Dive Cover based on the duration of your trip by clicking on DAN Southern Africa. Make the right choice for you and your family, travel in safety!

Manta Diving - Nosy Be - Dive Safe - DAN