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Discover the parallel world, where the impossible becomes possible and fantasy becomes reality.

Breathe underwater, fly in the blue thanks to the absence of gravity, discover thousands of creatures, some still unknown to science, beings with strange shapes that seem to come out of a science fiction film, fish bigger than a man or smaller than a millimetre.

Tell your friends about your adventures and what only you could see, get them involved in diving and discover the wonders of the seabed together.

Don’t wait, just do it!

Manta Diving - Nosy Be - Corsi


Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Padi e-learning - Reactivate

With Manta Diving you can make diving courses of all levels, from ‘Open Water Diver that will give you the opportunity to start your diving career, to Dive Master, diving guide at professional level.

If you are already patented you can access our specialties, mini courses on all the various facets of diving in peace, safety and fun followed step by step by your instructor.

Not only that, with us you will be able to attend Primary & Secondary Care first aid courses for children, adults, babies and the elderly, thus ensuring greater safety even at home.

Manta Diving uses state-of-the-art study methods such as eLearning or e-book.

With these two methods you will have the possibility to study at any time of the day with the help of an easy to learn underwater teaching material.

Thanks to the versions that adapt to Smartphones, Tablets and PCs of any brand and off-line, you can increase your underwater knowledge while comfortably lying on the beach, on your sofa at home, on the beach, on the plane or at any time of your daily routine.

We will send you a personal code and via the PADI web you can find everything you need for your theory course.

Is there any concept still unclear or do you still want some help with your study?

Contact us via Skype at our address Manta Diving Nosy Be or by WhatsApp at +393409601873, an instructor will be at your complete disposal ready to help you or if you are already on site we will be at your side step by step.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Padi e-learning
Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Discover Scuba Diving


Try for the first time to breathe underwater in the company of diving instructors who will accompany you on your adventure in total safety.
From the DSD adventure you can access your Open Water Diver course and become a certified diver.

Required age 10 years

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Reactivate


Haven’t dived in a while and want to do a quick review?

Before you go diving again, the ReActivate programme is the best way to refresh your skills and knowledge for safe diving.

It’s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next course or diving holiday.

Reactivate for your safety and that of your dive buddy.

JOWD required, age 10 years

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Open Water Diver


The course that will start your diving adventure, where you will learn the basic techniques and knowledge to dive together with your “diving companion” to a maximum depth of 18 meters with which, you can share your emotions and feelings.

Since the world of diving is very flexible and always meets your needs, you can choose whether to complete your course and become an OWD or become an OWD and obtain the Scuba Diver (SD) certification which will enable you to dive to a depth of 12 m under the supervision of a guide or an active instructor.

Request age 10 years to obtain the Junior and 15 years for the standard one.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Advanced Open Water Diver


Many divers after completing their OWD wish to learn new diving skills and pass new tests. They begin to travel knowing different marine environments.

By participating in this course you will gain more experience and confidence with your equipment, discover specific diving interests in complete safety with your instructor.

Like the OWD, this course can be divided into two parts by taking part in three “Adventures”. In fact, 5 as required to obtain your ADV, you will become an “Adventure Diver” acquiring specialties that will be recognized later if you decide to complete the entire course.

Required JOWD, age 10 years to obtain the Junior patent and 15 years for the standard one.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Rescue Diver


By now you have the experience that allows you to access one of the most exciting, fun and constructive among the non-professional courses.

Look beyond yourself and also train for the safety of other divers by learning how to manage emergency situations.

The Rescue Diver course is the prerequisite required to access the “Leadership” of the diver.

Required JAOWD, age 12 years for Junior certification and 15 years for standard certification.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Master Scuba Diver


Join the best of the best in recreational diving and live a PADI Master Scuba Diver life.

The Master Scuba Diver level places you in an elite group of respectable divers who have achieved this level through excellent experience and training.

Less than two percent of divers achieve this level.

When you show your Master Scuba Diver certification, people will know that you have dived in different environments and had a good number of diving adventures.

Required RD, 5 specialties, age 12 years, 50 dives recorded

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Dive Master


At the end of this course you will be a real “Diving Professional” and you will be able to work as a guide supervising certified divers transmitting to them the respect for aquatic life and the passion for the sea.

You will deepen your theoretical knowledge on a professional level, you will reach exemplary diving skills and refine your rescue techniques.

You will know the base of the diving business, how you approach to different customers, and how to give security and make a diver less experienced than you feel at ease.

Required RD, Deep Diver, age 18, EFR (CPR& Fist Aid) achieved in the previous 24 months, medical certificate signed in the previous 12 months by a doctor authorized for diving activity, 40 dives registered for access and 60 registered for certification.


The Recreational Deco Diver SNSI course will teach you to dive to a maximum depth of -45 metres beyond the no-decompression limits. If the time limits of the no-decompression curve are too tight for you, but you don’t want to abandon your recreational equipment and don’t want to go through a technical course, the SNSI Recreational Deco Diver course is for you. With just the addition of a phase tank containing Nitrox 32 at your side, you’ll be able to use your dive computer beyond the canonical time limits of recreational diving and get the most out of your dive.

The course requires a minimum of 5 theory sessions and 4 open water dives, through which you will learn everything necessary to become a diver capable of planning and conducting a recreational decompression dive.

Required age 18, ADV, Deep Diver, NITROX, 50 logged dives.


The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is the specialty where, in addition to considerations about nitrox equipment, you will learn why, by diving with air that contains more oxygen and less nitrogen, you have more time to bottom, especially in repetitive dives.

If you are interested in staying in the water longer and going back to diving sooner, then don’t hesitate to become an enriched air diver.

You can easly have this cours in the beginning of the week to selfguaranty safier and longer dives for all the week last!

OWD required, age 15 years

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Peack Performance Buoyancy


Any trim problems?

This specialty will help you improve your diving skills by improving your posture, finning, breathing, how to position your ballast and become a master in using your BCD making you a better diver with an impeccable buoyancy.

This combination of improvements will not only make you more confident during the dive, but you will also be able to respect and keep even more intact the magnificent reefs that host us.

Required Junior OWD, age 10 years old

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Deep Diver


The deep dive will open the doors to new and interesting dive sites such as: wrecks, coral walls, submerged reefs, will give you the chance to discover different life forms different from those living on the surface or a few meters below it.

You will be taught techniques of descent and ascent, we will simulate decompression stages and we will go to understand even more how important the couple system is.

Required AOWD or Adventure Diver, age 15 years old

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Drift Diver


In most tropical countries the word “Drift” (current) is on the agenda.

By participating in this course you will receive suitable training to participate in current diving, where you will have the opportunity to see more predators and huge schools of fish, larger spaces thanks to the thrust of the current, less fatigue, more fun and “adrenaline” guaranteed.

You’ll learn how to avoid it, how to exploit its thrust and how to behave in an emergency situation in complete safety.

OWD required, age 15

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Wreck Diver


Some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world were born thanks to their wrecks, their ability to attract large quantities of fish that make them their habitat, their history and their majesty.

However, in order to enjoy their views we need special training that you will receive in your Wreck Diver course.

We will teach you the techniques to adopt in the vicinity of a wreck, how to take precautions, how to get out of the way and avoid possible entanglements making your dive safe and fun.

OWD required, age 18

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Oxygen Provider


In emergencies be ready for the Oxygen administration, knowing how and when to use it is an excellent skill to possess and, if needed, it means being ready to help others.

Becoming an Oxygen Provider allows you to relax: you know you can recognize those underwater injuries that can be treated with emergency oxygen and help.

Discover its benefits and how to use it diligently.

There are NO prerequisites, age restrictions or sessions in the water: the course is open to everyone; divers, snorkelers and anyone in contact with divers

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Aware Coral Reef


If you are a curious person or you realize that the sport you are practicing is turning into a real passion, don’t just look at what surrounds you, but observe, scrutinize, approach and recognize the species of that micro organism that fascinates you so much, the coral.

With this exciting specialty you will learn to recognize the different corals that exist, their structure, their nourishment.

You will understand the changes in the coral reef, the impact that our presence has on it and what we can do to protect it.

There are plans to repopulate the coral reef and fortunately for you we are carrying one out, if you are happy you can help us recreate a part of our beloved reef.

With the Aware – Fish Identification course you will also learn that many species of fish are similar to each other, are part of the same family, but actually, all are different.

Which will be the male and the female? Who carries the eggs and who takes care of them?

At the end of the course you will be able to recognise a multitude of fish and their habits, anatomy and habitats and where to look for them.

Don’t swim empty, put a lens on your dive and maybe, thanks to an underwater camera, you will be able to have your personal database of all the fish and corals discovered by yourself.

There are NO certifications required and there is no minimum age.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Digital Underwater Photography


With so many underwater cameras to choose from, underwater photography is one of the most popular underwater specialties, and it’s getting easier and easier to capture images of your underwater adventures.

Whether you’re using a “frame and shoot” type camera or a sophisticated Reflex camera, like the pros, the Digital Underwater Photographer course gets you going fast.

Since underwater photography is also very popular among snorkelers, both snorkelers and skin divers have the opportunity to complete the course.

Required Junior OWD, age 10 years old

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Night Diver


At night, the landscape you explored just a few hours earlier changes completely, the day fish go to sleep while the night fish come out of their burrows and start a new way of life.

The struggle for survival begins, where the strongest or the shrewdest will prevail.

The colours will be much brighter thanks to the artificial light of our torches. Don’t miss the show!

OWD and for Junior 12 years old required


Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Emergency First Response

Emergency First Response training aims to increase lay rescuers’ confidence and willingness to intervene in medical emergency situations.

Course participants learn easy steps in emergency care, and practice the application of skills in a low stress learning environment.

In case of emergency do not stand still and unable to act, YOU then make a difference!

The following EFR courses are based on internationally recognized medical guidelines for emergency care and can be conducted individually.

Emergency First Response” courses are accessible from the learning age and are also a required course to obtain the Rescue Diver and Dive Master’s degree.


Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Emergency First Response - primary and secondary care


The Primary Care course teaches you the steps and techniques for dealing with life-threatening emergencies.

You’ll practice eight skills to help patients who are not breathing, have no heartbeat, may have a spinal injury, may be in shock, or may have severe bleeding.

You will learn how to perform CPR and continue to monitor the patient so that they have every chance of survival while waiting for the EMS.

Because many medical conditions are not life-threatening and sometimes medical services are delayed or unavailable, the Secondary Care course teaches you how to provide first aid that calms the pain and reduces the risk of further damage.

You’ll learn to assess a variety of injuries and illnesses, and practice bandages and splints.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - Care for Children


This course allows participants to learn, practice and apply specific emergency medical care skills to infants and children.

Designed for those who work closely with children or may find themselves having to respond to emergencies involving younger children.

This course is often integrated into Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) courses.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - CPR & AED


This course focuses on CPR training and teaches participants how to use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).

When the workplace or government requirements specify this training, the CPR & AED course meets them.

This course is often integrated into First Aid at Work programs.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - First Aid at Work


In some areas, such as Great Britain, Australia and Canada, government laws require CPR and first aid training for workplaces.

First Aid at Work programs are designed for these areas, and while they allow you to follow the simple educational approach to EFR training, they include additional topics and skills to meet these requirements.

Manta Diving Nosy Be - Corsi - EFR Refresher


Reviewing your CPR and First Aid skills every 24 months is a good idea, and that’s what the EFR Refresher course does: by focusing on key skills, it allows you to stay updated and ready to help in times of need.

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