Crossed on the capital Hell Ville northwards, you find “Ambondrona”, in the center of the west coast of Nosy Be.

Leaving the main street, a few steps from the beach, there is MANTA DIVING, where we will welcome you and let you enter the wonderful world of the diving experience.

Thanks to its central position “all the dive sites”, both southwards, where there is the Nosy Tanikely Marine Park, and north-westwards, where most of the sites are located, can be reached in a fairly short time, according to the site you choose.

All the structures our Diving cooperates with are nearby, our boats provide a regular pick up in front of the beach of your hotel.

MANTA DIVING NOSY BE is always by your side to answer your questions!

You can contact us via e-mail or write us a message directly here and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

For urgencies you can find us on a local mobile phone or on a European phone number via WhatsApp.

In Nosy Be it may happen to stay without internet for two days, we kindly ask you to rewrite your message in case of delayed answer.


+261 (0) 32 0720 710

+39 340 96 01 873

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