Manta Diving Nosy Be - Immersioni - Night Dive

When you spend the morning surrounded by fish and enjoying strong emotions, then the afternoon snorkeling along with big green turtles, you might may think the day is over… you are wrong, indeed! it is about time we went night diving in Nosy Be!

As we reach the dive site while gazing at the horizon, the sky begins to change colour and bizarre-shaped clouds start to glow with purple and red . This is the African sunset and under our boat a new world is about to come to life.

The water reflects the stars above our heads, but those strange green lights you can enjoy are actually the bioluminescence of plankton, that is life! A deep breath and a jump from the boat into the underwater night! A strobe light leads us to the coral reef and marine life gets revealed under the light beam of our underwater torch.

The well knowns depths look now completely different, full of colors and strange beings whose extravagant dimensions and shapes are amazing.

During this dive, we remain at a safe level, not too deep.

The seabed conformation varies and changes from a dive site to another, but we prefer coast spots like Banc Gorgon, impressive for the mystery of its giant gorgonians, and other Muck Dive sites like Olaf and Spanish Dancer not far from Nosy Sakatia.

In 2018 Manta introduce the ULTRAVIOLET NIGHT DIVE to enjoy corals and marine creatures bioluminescence.

We may meet several creatures: marble shrimps, skillful camouflaging cuttlefish, squids protruding their tentacles, Spanish dancers, huge nudibranchs, barracudas and hunting dentexes, green turtles swimming towards the surface to get some air or simply sleeping; and again, especially on sandy bottoms, (wrongly defined) guitar sharks, dromia personata crabs, jewelers crabs etc.

The coral reef shows us its original colors at the end of the dive; as we re-emerge our gaze will be captured by the magnificent milky way and its constellations.

This is a real unforgettable experience.

Livello: Open Water Diver /Advanced
Fotografia: Environment / Macro