Manta Diving Nosy Be - Immersioni - Iranja

During this exciting full day excursion where divers and non-divers will remain astonished by the beauty in front of them, you can do a single dive along the wall of the southern side of the island Nosy Iranja

Here we are in the Mozambique Channel, there are three dive sites that can be explored and where you can meet wonderful creatures.

These dives are certainly farther and more advanced than average dives in Nosy Be, but the navigation time to get there and the various tides we find will surely satisfy your expectations. We usually propose these dives at the end of the holiday along with an overnight stay in an Eco-Lodge.


These are three different dives following one another, 28 miles far from the coast of Nosy Be in the Southern area of Nosy Iranja, Mozambique.

Tides here change like the ones you can find offshore, about 30/40 minutes in advance.

Tidal coefficients don’t usually correspond to the ones shown on moon phases tables, so it may happen that in spite of our data we eventually find the exact opposite … so you never know!

Our favourite dive here is RANO MAKUBA.

As you dive into the blue, which is crystalline especially from September on, you can see a landslide of hard corals , and when you reach the depth of 30 meters , here is a vertical wall filled with large gorgonians.

After about 4/5 minutes you can see a large rock covered by deposits and gorgonians.

The rock fell down years ago and created an amphitheater where we can often meet some great and curious stingray.

Our recommendation is to remain near the reef to avoid possible downward currents arising from time to time.

At about 20/25 mts, on a sandy plateau, there are eels swimming around and the shape of a resting white tip shark. When we reach the coral reef, we are at the TERRACE.

Here we can spend an entire dive standing still to admire what passes around us, or we can choose to dive further to reach gigantic purple soft corals and leap into the blue along a vertical wall at about 30 mt.

Then you reach the second dive site: LES FARALLONES, two large pinnacles lying at about 50 meters where you can find large stingrays or leopard sharks Leopard swimming around or resting on the bottom.

As we swim upwards getting closer to the wall where some mobulas welcome us, we can also meet a manta. The deco or the safety stop are the perfect occasion to shoot some souvenir photos.