Manta Diving Nosy Be - Immersioni - Esplorative

The archipelago of Nosy Be is a corner of paradise for all divers, it is huge and extends as far as the eye can see. Manta Diving Nosy Be GPS is full of known points, but many are still unknown and our curiosity regularly leads us, during quieter periods, to go diving in areas where no one has ever been before.

Naturally, whenever we find a new point you can learn details through the publications on our Facebook page, but it is not really like sharing the thrill of discovery with other dive buddies.

That’s why we propose exploratory diving experiences to particularly curious divers and especially to our repeater guests who already know Nosy Be, so that they can enjoy every single moment of the discovery from the very beginning of the adventure.

Once at the new site, we will analyze the seabed to understand how wide the reef under us can be, its depth, the presence of possible walls nearby or of a coral garden.

We prepare and lower several ropes into the water so we can approximately calculate the distances from point to point and decide what the best point to start is… and voila, we start our dive with a lot of adrenaline and equipped with cameras and underwater videocameras.

The last thing to do after such a dive is… to give a name to YOUR new dive site!

Level: Advanced
Photography: Surprice!